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Griffin Hurley - 602-316-9828

Asst. Trail Boss Elect 2012:

Rod Ferguson - 623-693-0978

Ride Coordinator:

Dan Cole - 602-639-1740

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Phoenix JC Comancheros
2012 Pony Express Ride
P O Box 1008
Waddell, AZĀ 85355

The Phoenix JC Comancheros

"We Keep the Kids in Our Sights At All Times"

The Comancheros were first organized in 1964, a project of the Phoenix Jaycees. They are a community service organization that was to become well known throughout the community for different fund raising events. Over the years hundreds of thousand dollars have been distributed throughout the valley to various charities that cater to the needs of less fortunate children. The Comancheros are a colorful array of individuals; they represent a very diverse cross section of our communities. The present day Comancheros, outfit in the garb of our 1800's alter ego counterparts. We're a Gang of thieves, rustlers, drifters, gamblers, banditos, unreconstructed rebels and any other infamous misfit character you may have read about in our country's wild and western heritage. We are considered boisterous and can even be obnoxious when in character. We're a wild bunch with the very serious purpose of helping children who are in dire straights. Our oath as in our motto is to keep the kids in our sights at all times.

Throughout the year the Comancheros ride in parades, visit hospitals, homeless shelters and support the annual Phoenix Jaycees Underprivileged Children's Christmas party. We put on charity trail and hay wagon rides, do saddle raffles and other Western themed events to raise funds for the kids. We also assist several other organizations and individuals working with children in need like the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Each year we temporarily adopt a Wish Cowpoke and they are made an honorary Comanchero. The wish cowpoke attends parades and other functions, they receive a head to toe western wardrobe courtesy of a couple of western stores in our community, and for a short time they are transported out of their illness and into a time that will give them many wonderful memories. In return we Comancheros receive a gift, to see an child climb on a horse for the first time and watch them smile from ear to ear, priceless.